Changing the Free WP Premium theme color

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For those that use the free WP Premium theme developed by R.Bhavesh, this allows you to change between 3 different colors: red, black and brown. Here comes a tip how to change this color theme.

In the WordPress back-end get into the menu Appearance/Editor and select the Style.css file on the right side menu at Styles – StylesSheet. At the line 15 you’ll find the following code:[/lang_pt-br]

[lang_en-us]@import url(“css/style-red.css”);

To change the from the red color to black color, replace it with this code:
@import url(“css/style-black.css”);

To change the from the red color to brown color, replace it with this code:
@import url(“css/style-brown.css”);

Now just click on the Update File button and there you go!

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