10 iStockphoto free credits

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For who doesn’t know iStockphoto yet, read this article.

How to receive the credits from iLucato?
If you aren’t an iStockphoto member yet, as I’m an iStockphoto member I can provide you 10 credits for FREE. There are two options, pick one of them:

1. Just post a donation at EsferaDoBem of something that you don’t need any longer, but it can be useful for somebody else. Read more here;
2. Or help iLucato in other way: Read more about this here.

Se the table below the image sizes you get to acquire with the respective amount of credits:

If you are going to buy 10 credits at iStock today, it is going to cost around US$ 18.00! So, 10 credits for a donation at EsferaDoBem or US$ 3.00 or or more dollars as dontation to iLucato is a great deal! With these credits you can download vector, image, audio, video & flash files to use in your sites, folders and other projects. Before signing up over there, ask me for this code by leaving your comment, so I can get in touch later and send you the code, because to get these free creditis you need to fill this code in the enroll process. When you leave your e-mail in the comment form or the sponsor form on the right column, it is not published. It’s just used to contact you and send you the code.

How to procedure after receiving the free code from iLucato?
Well, you need to register at iStockphoto and when signing in at iStock, there will be a input field called “Member code” where you need to fill with the code I’ll provide you. Better instructions you will get when receive my e-mail. After finishing the sign-in process, you will receive a registration e-mail with your user name and password. If it takes so long, please check your box/anti-spam filter. Go back to iStock site, log-in with your name and password and there you go! The credits will be in your account ready to be used to buy any file within this price. These free credits don’t need to be spent only buying images from my portfolio! Of course I’ll appreciate if so, but you can spend these credits on any file at iStockphoto from any portfolio. As an iStock member, besides using these credits given by me, you will get do download weekly a free image (FIOTW – Free Image of  The Week) and montly a video, plus an audio and an illustration (vector file/clipart). With all that freebies, you can start storing in your HD your own image bank for futures jobs/projects. These credits won’t work for members already registered at iStock, because as said above, the will only be requested in the enroll process. So, it will only work for new users/registrations.


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818 comments on “10 iStockphoto free credits

  1. Scarlat Google Chrome Windows on said:

    Desisti de 10, pode me arrumar 3 créditos ?
    Muito Obrigada…
    Abraços !

  2. junior BRAZIL Internet Explorer Windows on said:

    oi da pra vc me enviar 3 creditos…..deixa eu te perguntar toda semana vc envia 3 creditos para mim ou não eu tenho que te pedir toda vez …abraço valeu

    • Júnior, conforme informado no artigo e riscado os 3 créditos estão esgotados. Favor ler o artigo para ver como adquirir 10 créditos ao invés de 3.
      O código é enviado uma única vez e não diário, semanal, mensal ou anual.
      Um abraço.

  3. Scarlat Google Chrome Windows on said:

    Olá tudo bem ?
    Ainda está mandando créditos ! ?
    Queria 10 free, pode ?

  4. Dann Erick Opera Mini on said:

    Ola. Poderia me enviar 3 creditos por gentileza?

  5. maria Google Chrome Windows on said:

    Bom dia!!!!

    Gostaria de ganhar 3 créditos.
    Muito obrigada!

  6. Renato BRAZIL Google Chrome Windows on said:

    Lucato, solicito os 3 créditos.

  7. Elias BRAZIL Google Chrome Windows on said:


    poderia me enviar 3 créditos ?


  8. heverthon BRAZIL Mozilla Firefox Windows on said:

    Olá colega designer, toh conhecendo agora esse site e me apaixonei por ele, ainda mais q tem uns trabalhos lá bem legal q me adianta muito na faculdade, me adianta esses 3 créditos ai brother, vlw manoooo sucessooo ai.

  9. Lua Mozilla Firefox Windows on said:

    Hi, preciso dos três créditos!

  10. emílio BRAZIL Google Chrome Windows on said:

    caso ai pode gostaria q vc me enviasse 3 créditos
    desde já muito grato

  11. jeferson BRAZIL Mozilla Firefox Windows on said:

    estou precisando de creditos

    • Eles estão a venda no iStock. :0) Brincadeirinha. Em breve em sua caixa de entrada terá o código para 3 créditos. Siga as instruções no e-mail.
      Boa semana.

  12. Scott AUSTRALIA Google Chrome Windows on said:

    Hi, Thanks in advance for the 3 credits.

  13. Filipe Google Chrome Windows on said:

    Olá! Muito bom seu trabalho…por favor preciso dos 3 créditos!! Obrigado! :D

  14. Vinny Troia UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Mac OS on said:

    Hi. Please send 3 credits! Thanks!

  15. Heitor BRAZIL Google Chrome Windows on said:

    Olá, é possível me arrumar 3 créditos ?

  16. SanderSites Google Chrome Windows on said:

    olá estou precisando mesmo de créditos, pode me enviar alguns??? tenho q terminar um baner


    add meu msn por favor quero falar com vc sobre seu site.

  17. Cassio Marinello Orsi BRAZIL Google Chrome Windows on said:

    Olá Lucato!!!

    Muito legal seus trabalhos!!!!
    Pode me arrumar 3 creditos por favor???

    Muito Obrigado!!!

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