Is compact flash memory card expensive? If so, save money and use Wifi-SD!

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cftosdHi folks, today I’ll give a tip on reducing the costs with Compact Flash memory cards. Do you still have equipments that use Compact Flash memory card and you think it’s expensive to spend about US$ 100.00 in a 32GB CF card? Wouldn’t it be much better to spend around US$ 60.00 in these same 32GB instead? Of course it would be! How to achieve that? Very simple! Nowadays there is in the market the SDHC to Compact Flash adaptadors/converters. The SDHC cards are cheaper than Compact Flash cards. So, you just need to buy the SDHC card, plug in the CF/SD adapter and there you go! You get a Compact Flash with the same capacity and almost for the half price. I use one of these adapters and I’ve never had problem with data, formating or any other compatibility. For me it works great.

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