How to illuminte a photography studio?

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Set a light 3D - Software

Hi folks. If you want to know how to illuminate a Photo Studio or even train as would be the result of some lighting on the model you need to know this tip. It is also Ideal for those who do not know a lot about lighting and will be great for training every kind of light, softbox, speedlight in certain positions and angles acting on the model. You need to know this incredible software I found on the Internet called set.a.light.3D for Windows or Mac. With this software you can:
-Define your own Studio and set up the lights in it;
-Simulate the results of the photo and save;
-Export the Studio set up and print, and many other option.

There are to options, the Basic and Studio version. Access the site right now and see the Introduction videos or Video guides.

Download now the trial version by clicking here and later purchase it for an affordable price. It’s worth it.

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