How to find text within .INI, .TXT, and other files?

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Hi folks! This article is ideal for bloggers, web designers, programmers, and even individual users. Today I will talk about a free software (freeware) for personal and commercial use I found on the Internet which helps me a lot in my daily tasks with my sites, translations, and etc to find text within files. Many people who work creating websites and using Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, Magento and others, they use Dreamweaver which is a powerful editor for HTML, CSS and PHP as the primary tool for developing these as well as a number of other editors PHP code found on the Internet. This folks have encountered difficulties with Dreamweaver and other editors when trying to locate texts, variables, tags and so on within .ini, .txt and other extensions. Here comes a tip to help you with this problem, use the Harddisk Search & Stats da Freebyte. Only for Windows.

With this powerful text-search engine you can search for phrases, words, specify a lot of search terms, what kinds of extension it should look into for the text, etc. At the end of the search result is still possible with double click to view the file and find the text in the preview. Well, I use another PHP, CSS, HTML editor to make the changes and HD Search only for finding the files/texts.

This program don’t need to be installed on Windows. Nothing is written in the Windows registry, nothing is installed on any Windows system directory and any special dll or ActiveX controls are needed, just copy the files onto your hard drive and double click on the executable file (.exe) that the program will start .

It worths to check it out! I hope it can be an useful tip for you.

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  1. Josué BRAZIL Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Programa maravilhoso.
    Tudo que eu precisava há muito tempo.
    Muito obrigado.

  2. CENTERMIDIAS BRAZIL Google Chrome Windows says:

    Excelente!!!! Sou o webmaster do site [link removido] (é uma loja virtual desenvolvida em codigo PHP) e esse programa me ajudou imensamente. Há dezenas de pastas com centenas de arquivos e milhares de linhas de código, com esse programa leve e gratuito consigo localizar rapidamente tudo que preciso alterar.

  3. Gulherme BRAZIL Google Chrome Windows says:

    Valeu cara :)

  4. Eugenio BRAZIL Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Vlw… obrigado.

  5. Oi Luciano. Obrigado pelo retorno e por compartilhar que tipo de arquivo funcionou para você.
    Um abraço.

  6. Luciano BRAZIL Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Muito com esse programa!
    Eu estava procurando um programa que lesse o conteúdo dos arquivos retorno da Caixa (CEF), que tem as extensão .RET, e localizasse um texto qualquer dentro do arquivo.
    Pelo Windows não estava dando certo, mas com esse software consegui o que eu queria. Me ajudou bastante meeeesmo!!

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