How to solve the issue of the missing ALT key on the Multilaser TC158 keyboard?

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Hi folks. If you have bought the Multilaser TC158 keyboard and you’re disappointed with the lack of ALT key when using Photoshop, your disappointment ends here. Today I’m going to give you a tip that I figured out how to solve the problem of lack of ALT key on your keyboard when using Photoshop.

To make the function ALT when using Photoshop with this keyboard, you just do the following:
– Hold the ALT key (ALT Gr) which is on the right side and press the CONTROL key once. There you go! Your cursor in Photoshop will change to the ALT function. To cancel the function, simply release the ALT key (ALT Gr).

If you don’t like this solution, you can also edit and change the keyboard shortcut in the menu Edit > keyboard shortcuts.

Good luck and use!

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  1. numa Google Chrome Windows says:

    Muito obrigado pela dica!

  2. Anderson Google Chrome Windows says:

    amigo como que eu edito essa tecla no photoshop?

  3. Jumento Celestino BRAZIL Google Chrome Windows says:

    Vou depositar R$ 10.000,00 pela contribuição.

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