Create amazing paintings, drawings and illustrations with ArtRage Studio Pro

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Hi folks! Today I’m going to talk about an amazing software that Ambient Design Ltd donated to BemDoado and any artist must have it as one of its creation tools. This software is the ArtRage Studio Pro which is an incredible software for creating paintings, illustrations and drawings. It’s desktop and intuitive tools make it easier to produce digital paintings and faithfully recreates the effect of drawing on canvas or on paper. Developed in two versions, one for PC and other for Mac, ArtRage v.3.5 Pro Studio has a huge range of tools and features that streamline the creative process for any designer, painter, and illustrator express its creativity and go beyond their imagination. See below some features.

– Using mouse or graphic tablet you can create outlines, fills, draw pictures, stain, paint with oil paint effect, gouache and endless possibilities by using the painting and draw tools such as brushes, palette knife, pencils, chalk, pen, airbrush and many others that are easily arranged for quick access and use;
– It is possible to use layers, creating for example a sketch in one layer, in another the outline, the fill in a new layer and so on. Also you can adjust the opacity and preservation of transparency of each layer;
– You can import a reference image and fix it in ArtRage desktop or import it as a background image for tracing;
– You can choose the type of surface/canvas you want to paint over. There are several different textures to choose from;
– You can import and export images in standard formats such as PNG, JPG, TIFF, BMP and others depending on your operating system, as well as import and export PSD format (Photoshop) keeping the layers, group structures, layers, blend modes, and etc;
– A set of transformatio, selection and text tools, facilitate your work;
– The ArtRage Studio Pro counts with a bank of stencils and rulers to use together, plus stickers with pre-built elements such as trees, houses, and etc;
– The ArtRage Studio Pro coubts also with several special effects to create complex scenes easily.;

The ArtRage Studio Pro is a software that any artist must have in its computer as a tool for creating paintings, illustrations and drawings.

Do not waste time looking for similar software. With a super affordable price you can have this professional tool that will save you much time, effort and ensure quality in you creations.

See further details of ArtRage Studio Pro by clicking here or download the 30-day demo version by clicking here.

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