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Hi folks, welcome to iLucato. This is the first post of many that are coming.  Here you’ll find articles and tips about photography, equipments, software, computers, technology and others. Well, a little bit of all. Bookmark iLucato to your favorites by pressing Ctrl+D (Ctrl+T if you’re using Opera), because you will find a lot of great stuffs to read in the future. Enroll the iLucato RSS Feed by clicking here to receive into your emails manager/browser or any RSS reader the latest posts from iLucato. Talking about reader, there is another area dedicate to you here: Reader area.

My first Language is Portuguese (Brazilian Portuguese) and my English isn’t so good, so I’m sorry if you get some English misspellings in the posts, I’ll try to do my best when translating from Portuguese to English. ;0)

A hug and thanks for dropping by.

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