Can I use images I find on the Internet?

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There are ways to use images that you find on the web, but be aware that just because an image is on the Internet, it doesn’t mean that this image is in the public domain, free of charge and has no copyrights. You cannot get a picture from the Internet you found through searches such as Google, Yahoo and other search engine sites and think that by modifying it you can use it without creator permission or without buying its license to use it. Big mistake! Even without modifying the source, either for commercial or personal use. So, it means, even if it is not for commercial use, just because you want to use for your homework, your personal website or on social networks, you can not do it! According to the Law “No one can reproduce the work that does not belong to the public domain, under the pretext of modify it, improve it, write it, or even comment on it, without permission from the author”. Therefore, if you use an image, vector, illustration, audio, video, or even getting text from the Internet, be aware that you may be infringing copyright laws and will be putting you and your client at risk because of a few dollars, just because you and your client didn’t wan to acquire the license use. Besides that, you’re harming the artist who spent time and money producing this file by buying expensive equipment for production, renting sites, hiring models, and so on. You may now that this image that the photographer sells on the Internet is to sustain him and his family. So, if you find a file that you want to use, find out the source and where this is being sold to use license associated with it. Many license types allow you to use the same image in several works without having to buy it again. So, make sure you and your client and not running the risk of being prosecuted, surely you can get much, much, much more trouble and expenses by infringing copyrights. There are sites distributing images saying that are free and are not, because they were stolen and are being distributed for free, so don’t run such a risk. Buy your file from a reliable source or be sure to be using images under free licenses from safe sources or with write permission from its creator. Better be safe than sorry.

It is very common for a customer to arrive and say things like: ” Get it from the Internet”, “Scan the image from that brochure”, “Uses this image I found”, and etc. Don’t fall on it! For a low cost you can include in your customer budget the images that you want to use and sleep soundly, plus delivery an excellent work with quality. In addition, most of these microstock agencies, when you join them, they offer to you free images of the week, vectors, monthly videos, so you can download them for free and build your own image bank for future uses.

You can find high-resolution images in image banks (microstock agencies), plus illustrations, audio files, videos and other affordable prices to your pocket and the customer’s pocket. Here are some agencies that you can acquire such files at low cost:

iStock – lucato –
Shutterstock – lucato –
Dreamstime – lucato –
Fotolia – lucato –
Depositphotos – lucato –
Bigstock – lucato –
Photodune – lucato –
123RF – lucato –

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