Revert your Windows to the working state after a blue screen of death, crash or virus attack!

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HorizonDataSys developed an amazing software called RollBack Rx PC (Client & Server).

This program has saved me a lot of times from those common disasters of any PC computer user. Thanks to this program, for several times, I avoided having to reformat and install all over due some error when installing a software, due some Windows update that did not work, due those common and frequent blue screen errors or even viruses from e-mail or even programs that were download from the Internet. With this program I’ve already saved many hours and avoided to lost many nights of sleep! As I’ve learned my lesson, I am sharing with you this valuable information. In my opinion, this is a mandatory program for any PC user.
With RollBack Rx you get to create scheduled or manual snapshots and can restore your PC in a few minutes back to a earlier state leaving it exactly as it was. It’s incredible how RollBackRX recovers everything the way it was! I even got to back to previous state that I had formatted my HD! It is an entirely different system of the standard Windows restore points. Best of all, the creation of restore points are quick and easy, and the reversal of the system is fast as well.
I use to install many programs all the times, especially because I’m Betatester from several companies which creates these software. In this case RollBack is very useful for me. Let’s assume you will install a game or application and it begins to show a lot of error messages, does not work and makes your Windows becomes unstable. Of course you can use the method of uninstalling them through Windows unintaller or through the own program uninstaller, but it never completely removes the software and not remove the records into RegEdit and can still leave your Windows unstable. The best thing to do is to use Rollback RX and create a snapshot before you install the program (game / application) and then install it, and if by chance the program does not meet your expectations or do not work, you can return to the earlier state that was your computer before the installation of such program, thereby not lacking any part of that previous install, guaranteed to work as was the previous state of your Windows.

The RollBack snapshots can be scheduled to run hourly, daily, weekly, every month, when Windows starts, or starts some software or even manually whenever you want. You can return your system to any previous point. If you think you’ve returned to a much earlier point, you can move the installation to another later point that you have created. Moreover, with the RollBack RX, you have the ability to restore files from another snapshot made in another time, because each snapshot acts as a virtual drive.

Even if your Windows gets inaccessible or is not initializing rightly due a blue screen problem, virus or other anyproblem, just reboot your PC and pressing a certain key, you can activate RollBack which is a mini operating system separated from Windows and you can choose a restore point to restore your computer to a previous state that was working perfectly. Besides that, before restoring a point, you can create a point of time of the defect in order to later retrieve the files that was before the restoration of the previous point. Incredible! Have you ever imagined due to a simple installation problem you have to lose a whole day to format your computer again and spend another week or even a month to install everything back, besides the data that was lost? Why such suffering if you can recover everything within minutes and prevent future headaches of this type. Use RollBackRx. I really recommend!

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