Hi folks, first of all  my English isn’t so good, so I’m sorry if you get some English misspellings when reading the texts in the posts and in this whole site. I’ll try to do my best when translating from my Language to English. ;0) Well, I’m a Brazilian guy and my name is Luis Carlos Torres. So, from here that came up the Lucato’s name, not as a last name, but as a union of the 2 first letters from each name (Lu Ca To). Well, talking a little bit more about me, I’m an adman, designer, illustrator, photographer, webdesigner… Well, a creative guy :o) I majored in advertising & publicity (Creation Module) at Anhembi Morumbi University and also graduated in design of publicity at Panamericana School of Art and Design. My nickname? Well, yup, how you might have noticed from each article signature, my nickname is Penguin. I’ve received it affectionately from my friends when I was attending the university and it ended up diffusing.

iLucato was created to share with you all a little of my knowledge in several subjects (although being newbie), because it’s not fair to keep them as a secret and do not to pass forward. Besides that, I enjoy Internet and technology and here you will find articles and tricks & tips about these subjects plus photography, design, advertising, equipments, software, computers, technology and others. A little bit of everything. Besides all that, it is to show my photography portfolio and advertising/design portfolio. The iLucato’s site name is the junction of several meanings that starts with the letter “i” related to the site and myself as for example:
iLucato: um Individual called Luis Carlos Torres Interacting with the community in the Internet sharing Intelligent Information in International extent. :0)

Bookmark iLucato in your favorites and/or sign for free the iLucato RSS Feed by clicking here to receive into your emails manager/browser or any RSS reader the latest posts from iLucato. I hope to pass you a lot of great info in the future within my posts.

A hug and thanks for visiting iLucato. I hope you enjoy what you’ll find here and always come back. .
Lucato / Penguin (:>

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  1. Fala Pinguim,

    Como você está meu amigo ?!

    Recebi um email falando sobre um post em seu site e quando li ILUCATO, logo me veio a cabeça como está meu velho amigo. Já se passaram 12 anos meu caro e me conte as novas ?

    Você é uma referencia e sempre que comento sobre minha fase com Designer grafico, lembro das nossas longas conversas. Bom, eu tomei outro rumo mais ligado ao Foodservice e tudo relacionado a pizza e alimentação fora do lar.

    Você ainda mora no mesmo lugar, me passa seu cel e vamos combinar de tomar um cafe ou tomar um suco.

    Fernando Mello

  2. Rafael Safari Mac OS says:

    Boa tarde, Luis
    assisti seu curso criado para a iStock, mas não consigui baixar o arquivo PDF com os links. por favor me encaminhe. obrigado, Rafael

  3. Marília Terra BRAZIL Mozilla Firefox Linux says:

    Olá Lucato,

    Sou da assessoria de imprensa da iStockphoto e gostaria de saber se você tem interesse em receber material da empresa e se poderia divulgá-lo! Aguardo contato.


    • Olá Marília, obrigado pelo contato.
      Nos manteremos em contato via e-mail. Lhe enviei hoje um e-mail falando mais sobre isso.
      Um abraço.

  4. Diego SPAIN Google Chrome Windows says:

    Oi Luis,
    Mucho gusto, soy Diego de Barcelona. Necesito una mano con esto (AlphaRecommend) y creo que tu me puedes ayudar:


    Muito obrigado, cara!

  5. Dilip UNITED KINGDOM Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Hi Luis,

    I came across a picture of yours on iStock that I wanted to use for my company logo but as iStock policy states all images are royalty free. I was wondering if you could contact me so I could discuss the possibility of having you design our logo for me.



    • Hi Dilip, thanks for your contact and interest.
      I’ve sent you a feedback. Please, check your e-mails.
      Have a nice day,

  6. joreel PHILIPPINES Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    did found a solution for get the image problem with the external image?

    • Hi Joreel, good morning.
      I didn’t get very well what you mean. Is it about some article I’ve posted? Would you be more specific please?
      Thanks in advance.

  7. Fernando BRAZIL Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Hey Bro, What’s up man ?
    I’m in Brazil untill February and Have been working like a horse lol anyway Right now, I’m marketing director of the pizzas shop association and I’ll be appreciate If I can work with you.
    Please, Call me up and then We’ll discuss about it

    Best Regards

    • Hey Fernando, how is it going man?
      Thanks for your interesting and contact. I appreciated that. Wow February, if it was like 2009, it will pass so quick!
      I’ll give you a call right now so we can have a little chat about that.

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