How to fix the restoring system on Windows XP which doesn’t show the HD C:/?

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Are you trying by chance to use your system restore to restore your Windows XP to a previous point, but you aren’t getting it due some error message and your HD c:/ isn’t listed on the monitored discs list?

Well, here is a tip how to fix/reinstall the restore system when something goes wrong with it, as it happened with me. ;0)

See step by step how to procedure. Before following the steps below, you will need to have on hands your Windows XP installation CD.

With the following procedure your Windows WILL ERASE ALL PREVIOUS RESTORATION POINTS!

1. Click on Start and click on Run… (Windows+R shortcut key);
2. Type or Copy and Paste the following command into the Run dialog box:
rundll32.exe advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection %Windir%\Inf\sr.inf
3. Click on OK button;
4. Insert the Windows XP CD into the CD reader and click on Browse… on the new opened window (Files Needed);
5. Now find the folder \WINDOWS\Inf\i386\ or only \i386\, it depends from CD to CD;
6. You may find the SR.sys file and click twice on it, so Windows can copy this needed file to reinstall the restoring system;
7. Once the install is completed and closes the window, you will need to restart your Windows for all changes take effect.

After restarting it, I hope this tip has solved your issue with the restoring system. ;0)

Talking about restoring system and after passing for a hard time with it, I got another tip to share. After some troubles with restoring points, I ended up finding an amazing software to restore the system “thousand times” better than this original from Windows. If I were you, I would invest in this software. It has saved a lot of times from hard troubles! To have an idea, this software get to restore the state of your HD. I mean, how the files were (optional). As an example I had a partitioned HD into 2 partitions and I had formatted the second one, but I forgot to back-up one very important folder, so I did the restoration and the software got to restore all files from the formated HD even after being formatted! This software is amazing and how I said before it worth to give it a look, a try and invest on it. It isn’t so expensive for what it does and for the time and stress it can save for you! ;0)

The software is called (link not available at this moment) from (link not available at this moment): Click here and see more info about its features and its price (link not available at this moment).

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