How to hard reset (factory reset) Canon Rebel/300D – XTi/400D?

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Sometimes the digital cameras start to act weird with underexposed shots, don’t get to focus very well as they used to do, uncommon errors start to happen, don’t format, and so on.  So, before sending it to technical assistance and waste your time and money, a good try would be to do a factory reset (hard reset), making the camera get back to the factory original settings and this way it can fix what apparently was broken. A lot of times we use to change the settings and it can get conflicted with some other function or we forget to put its value back and ends causing these erros.

To execute the factory reset (hard reset) on Canon Digital Rebel/300D and Xti/400D, follow the steps below. Some other models can follow the same steps.

1) Turn of the camera;
2) Remove the main battery;
2a) In this same compartment you will notice that there is a small 3v battery (CR2016 – those for watches) in a small drawer that you can slide and remove (see image above);
2b) Remove the second 3v battery (CR2016);
3) Close the compartment of both batteries;
4) Turn on the camera without both batteries by turning the switch to “On”;
5) Let the camera sit for about 20 seconds at least;
6) Turn off the camera by turning the switch to “Off”
7) Put the 3v (CR2016) battery back;
8) Put the main battery back;
9) Turn on the camera with both batteries by turning the switch to “On”;
10) Try your camera and check if the problem is gone.

Sometimes if it doesn’t solve your problem you can try the firmware update by downloading it from the Canon’s site.

Good luck!

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