How to isolate and treat images on Photoshop for selling on microstock sites

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Hi folks. For those who want to learn some techniques of how to isolate images in Photoshop and learn techniques on how to fix in the image some possible rejections from some microstock sites such as Shutterstock, iStock, Fotolia, Dreamstime and others, read more …

With “Photoshop and Microstock 1” you will be able to:
-Isolate objects and people on white background;
-Fix problems of chromatic aberration on the image;
-Fix dusts and scratches on image such as sensor spots, threads and others;
-Improve the image color, exposure, sharpness, etc in the RAW file;
-Use daily the tips given about the use of Photoshop and camera;
-Understand the difference between JPG x RAW files;
-Understand deeply the microstock rejections: isolation, chromatic aberration, spots and poor hygiene image sensor.

What you need to know:
-You do not need prior knowledge in Photoshop to watch and follow the course;
-Will be provided via download a .zip compressed file with images to accompany the treatment and a PDF of a quick reference guide;
-You can watch the course whenever you want and as many times as you want, because the access is unlimited;
-This course is in Brazilian Portuguese language and the software used is in English (Adobe Photoshop CS5-English). If your version is in Portuguese, don’t worry because it is not complicated to understand visually the commands and menus.
-This course has more than 2:30 hours of useful information.

Will be covered in the course:
-Initial Tips (Photoshop | Camera) (General);
-Image inspection (General);
-RAW opening and adjustments (treatment);
-Isolation: method 1 (treatment);
-Chromatic aberration / Purple fringe (treatment);
-Tweaks to improve image (treatment).

Course taught by:
“Lucato” an adman/photographer, contributor in microstock agencies with over eleven years of experience in selling images over the Internet. Watch on youtube or on the video above some parts of the content of this course.

Get the “Photoshop and Microstock 1” course now at:

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Thanks, have a nice course and good sales. Success!

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