How do I move the Start Menu Bar to a different monitor on Windows XP?

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With the LCD and CRT monitor prices going down a lot of people are working with more than one monitor at the same time. Sometimes even by setting one of them as primary you don’t want the start menu bar showing on your primary monitor. Let’s suppose you’re using 3 monitors. The first one on the left is the primary (1), so this way you can set your background image as extended way to show as a single image on the three monitors at once (see the image below), but you don’t want your that your start bar be on the primary monitor (1), you want it on the monitor at the center (2). So, you ask:

How do I move the Start Menu Bar to a different monitor on Windows XP?


That’s simples. There are two ways. The first one to keep the start menu bar on the monitor at the center (2) by having the primary monitor on the left, you need to click on the right mouse button on the start menu bar, uncheck the option “Lock the Taskbar”, this way makes it movable, than you click and hold the left mouse button over this bar again and drag it to the wished monitor. Just release the button when the bar is on the wished position.

The second way is by changing the primary monitor under video properties/settings by checking/unchecking the option “Use this device as the primary monitor”.

There you go, done! Enjoy your new start menu bar position. ;0)

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