How to change the text “Comments Off” when the comments are off in WordPress?

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Hi folks. Sometimes we use different themes where some original WordPress texts don’t fit in our lay-out/theme that we are using. One example would be when we create a page and turn off the comments on it and it show the message “Comments Off”. See below the before/after of what happens with the WP Premium when disabling the comments:

Comments Off para --

How you can note on the image above, in the WP Premium, the text “Comment Off” pass the balloon edges messing the lay-out. The solution is to change the text or remove it. I’ve opted to change it. The “Comments Off” text in WordPress is located in the folder /wp-includes into the comment-template.php file. When opening this file into your PHP editor, go to the line 940 (version 2.8.5 or line 1875 in case you’re using the original WP version 2.8.4) and over there you will find the following code:

if ( false === $none ) $none = __( ‘Comments Off‘ );

To obtain the results from the image above, the code was replaced by this one:

if ( false === $none ) $none = __( ‘‘ );

There you go! Now the layout is much better, I hope this article can help you too.

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