How to stop recieveing SMS with advertisings in my cellular phone?

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Tired of receiving SMS advertisements in your cellular phone? Yes, I’m tired too as a lot of Brazilians are mad with it too.
If you’re in Brazil, the National Agency of Telecomunications (ANATEL) determined that service providers may provide their customers an option to cancel these SMS advertising to avoid such abuse.

From the period of July 20 to September 20 of 2012, the cellular users will receive the SMS below where they can send a SMS to  certain number opting to cancel this annoying receiving.

“Por determinação da Anatel, caso não queira receber mensagem publicitária desta Prestadora, envie SMS gratuito com a palavra SAIR para XXXXX”

So the SMS above says:

“By determination of Anatel, if you do not want to receive advertisement messages from this Provider, send a free SMS with the word SAIR (EXIT) to XXXXX”

I have recieved mine today, September 25th. Even

Eu recebi a minha hoje, dia 25. Even if you have not received the message, it is possible to cancel the SMS from unwanted advertising. Below is the list of Providers/Operators and where to send your SMS with the word SAIR to get the cancellation.
Attention, the word SAIR must be in capital letters:

Send your SMS with the word SAIR to the number 4040.

Send your SMS with the word SAIR to the number 55555 and the service will be deactivated.

Send your SMS with the word SAIR to the number 4112.

Send your SMS with the word SAIR to the number 457 to cancel. You will receive the followinf message back “Mensagem recebida com sucesso. A partir de agora você não receberá mais mensagens publicitárias desta Prestadora” which means “Message received with success. From now on you are not going to receive advertising messages from dis Provider/Operator”.

After the confirmation the company is obligated to cancel the advertising SMS
After confirmation and the company is forced to cancel sending SMS with advertisements. If the problem persists it is possible to make a claim directly with the ANATEL.
I hope that can be useful for you.

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