How to receive the e-mail from the WordPress back-end?

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Sometimes WordPress administrators don’t receive new registered users’ e-mails or any other e-mail from the administrative area. So, here goes some options to check, just in case you’re not receiving e-mails from your WordPress back-end. Maybe one those options below can be the solution for you. ;0)

1) In the WordPress back-end goes to General Settings and at the field Email  “This address is used for admin purposes, like new users notifications”. Make sure you’ve added your e-mail address that you wish to receive your admin e-mails, or try creating a new account on your server with an e-mail called and set your address in WordPress as . Sometimes WordPress has some strange issues where the mail won’t work properly without the set this ways. Also, you may double-check that your admin email address is set properly in your database;

2) Another alternative method for PHP users is modify the account that will be used to send out the e-mails by using the mail() function. At the local php.ini file you will find around the line code 601 something like this:
sendmail_from =
Be sure to uncomment this code line by deleting the ‘;’ before the directive. Also, make sure the account you use is a valid created account;

3) There is also the possibility of using a plugin called WP Mail SMTP and use any account to send e-mails from the system, also including the sending of other e-mail of other plug-ins as Post Notification for example. Through the plug-in it is possible to mask the sender, edit the subject and do adjust other stuffs in a few seconds;

4) A last stuff I would indicate is to use the plug-in called  ShiftThis | Swift SMTP which uses the SMTP server to send all blog e-mails. This includes support for Gmail SMTP;

Well, I hope one of those option above can work for your issue. ;0)

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