Create a magazine cover for Advanced Photoshop magazine and compete for £1,000

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advanced_en-usAdvanced Photoshop in association with iStockphoto is offering you the chance to stand out as the cover artist from the Advanced Photoshop magazige (Edition #65). The iStockphoto is suppling 10 fantastic images for you to create the cover for the edition 65 of Advanced Photoshop magazine and compete to £1000. Will be £4000 worth of prizes. There will be four winners in total and will be printing four special covers for issue 65, with each winner on one. Each winner will receive £500 cash, plus £500 in credits from iStockphoto and more your cover printed in the Advanced Photoshop Magazine issue 65.

To enter you need to download the images provided by iStockphoto and create the cover. Your task is create an image worthy of being Advanced Photoshop cover using at least one of the provided images and Photoshop. Besides using these images provided by iStockphoto, you may also use your own photography, additional stock imagery purchased from iStockphoto only, scanned elements or other software programs to complete your artwork. Advanced Photohop just put on-line a PSD layout/template for download, so you can use it as reference by downloading it here. The final image for the cover must follow the criteria below:

– Color mode: CMYK
– Resolution: 300dpi
– Image size: 235mm x 305mm
– File format: PSD (please retain the layers)

The competition is open to anyone, but a maximum of one entry per person is allowed. Read more info in the Terms and Conditions.

To enter your image for the Create a Cover competition, you need to send it as flattened JPEG in a low-resolution to Advanced Photoshop e-mail with the subject ‘Create A Cover Competition’. If you’re selected as a winner, the Advanced Photoshop team will get in touch with you and will request you to send the higher-resolution, layered image (PSD file). You can also mail you image on a CD to Advanced Photoshop, Create A Cover Competition, Imagine Publishing, Richmond House, 33 Richmond Hill, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH2 6EZ, United Kingdom.

The closing date will be on 23rd November 2009. Hurry up and create your cover! Good luck!


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