Correct portraits in 5 minutes with Portrait Professional Studio 9

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Portrait Professional Studio 9 is an amazing software for correcting female and male portraits. It’s easy to use and has a very accessible price. This software is developed by Anthropics Technology and to use it isn’t necessary any knowledge in image treatment software such as Photoshop, Gimp, Paint Shop, etc.  With Portrait Professional you will need just a little time and few adjustments on the slider controls to improve the portrait appearance, because Portrait Professional was developed based in hundreds of masculine and feminine human faces and with that internal knowledge of the program the adjustments are very simple.  You just need to inform the program through an wizard assistant some main points of the face and completing this steps you will separately be able to adjust several aspects of the face such as eyes, brows, colors of the pupil, adjustments in the mouth, color of the lips, adjustments in the hair, tones of the skin, etc. Below there is a little After (Antes)/Before (Depois) comparison.


A pretty cool feature in the new version 9 is that it comes with a multilingual function. So, after installing you can select if you want to use Portrait Professional Studio 9 in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian or Portuguese.

Click here to check some image samples of images treated by using Portrait Professional. No more than 5 minutes was spent on each image. Pass the mouse over the bigger image to see the original image (after/before).

The Studio version has the following extra features:

- Option to use as standalone version or as Photoshop plug-in;
– Suppots the following RAW files: Canon (.crw .cr2), Fuji (.raf), Kodak (.tif .kdc .dcr), Minolta (.mrw), Nikon (.nef), Olympus (.orf), Pentax (.ptx .pef), Sony (.arw .srf .sr2), Sigma (.x3f), Epson (.erf), Mamiya (.mef .mos), Panasonic (.raw), Phase One (.tif), Imacon (.fff);
– Batch mode to improve the workflow;
– Read and write TIFF files containing 16 bits per color channel;
– Option to perform all image processing with 16 bits per color channel for the best color accuracy;
– Supports Color Profile.

Click here to buy the Portrait Professional Studio 9. It worths to check the link because always there are great promotions/discounts at Anthropics site.

If you don’t need all excellent extra features, you can acquire de Standard version for a cheaper price. Click here to buy the Portrait Professional Standard 9. The prices are in dollar and they accept several payment methods, including PayPal.

Required system:
Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, ou Intel Mac OS X (10.4 or newer)

After/Before: Photos by Jakeliefer (cc) e DWQ (cc)

The Anthropics Technology Ltd is a GoodCompany at BemDoado (GoodDonated/WellDonated) site and kindly donated the Portrait Professional Studio 9 software developed by itself.

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