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The EsferaDoBem (SphereOfGood | SphereOfTheWell) is a community on the Internet of donators and donees! If you have something at home that you don’t need any longer and you want to donate it, the EsferaDoBem is the right place! Give space for new things in your life! Pass ahead an item that is standing in your home, office or any other environment that has no more use for you, but it can be very useful for somebody else. So instead of letting it kept occupying space, collecting dust, or instead of throwing it out, post it as your donation at EsferaDoBem! Certainly someone will be very happy to acquire it. Don’t you have anything at home to donate? That’s ok, don’t worry, go visit EsferaDoBem and check out what somebody else from the community is aking for/needing that you can help. Make your good deed of the day. ;0)

Perhaps yourself  is needing something. The EsferaDoBem also is a place for donees. You can also post at EsferaDoBem what you need and someone will surely be ready to help you out. To become a member of EsferaDoBem is easy, quick and free. Just register and start participating. The EsferaDoBem is waiting your visit and counting on you to help to spread the EsferaDoBem among your friends and family.

Learn the rules of the community and click here to join now!

I’ll meet you there. ;0)

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