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Car Thief - 2009 © Neil BromfieldOne of those days I stopped to remind how long I don’t open my car window while I am in the traffic as I used to do 15-20 years ago! I remind that in that age it was my father that used to drive more. I mean, I say that because my mother also used to drive. The family allways used to drive with the car windows opened while walking through the city or highway and I also remember that still in that time my father and my mother’s car hadn’t insurance and never were stolen.

I’ve already been assaulted twice! The second time I was on the Marginal Pinheiros at 10:00 A.M, on Friday, in a stucked traffic, the car window on my side was an opened and suddenly I was surprised by two guys among their 17-18 years old. One of them, was at passenger window side and was holding a hammer in his hand case I didn’t open the window he was ready to break it. The other was right by my side in my window side and pulled my hair. First they tried to open the car door, luckily they were locked. It is not possible, they should be on drugs or with full adrenaline, because their eyes were very red like an ember! By shouting they ordered me to pass my purse, the cellular phone and they threatened to break the car window. Who knows me, knows that I’m all scandalous! When the guy pulled my hair, I screamed, but I screamed, I screamed a lot, I screamed more than they screamed at me. The two guys got scared with my scream, but it was unintentionally. When I get scared I use to scream a lot, besides that, it comes with a sequence of bad words also and when I notice that I’m exaggerating, it’s done! My purse was on the ground next to the back seat and my suitcase was on the ground next to the passenger front seat. It is impressive as in few minutes, maybe seconds, a film went through my head, from what I had valuable in my purse until my own life. I’ve got their attention to my suitcase that had nothing else than just papers, company fliers and some blank contracts. They asked me what did I had in that suitcase and I answered that everything that I had was in there and I begged for not taking it with them. Of course they fell in the trap and because the suitcase size they thought it would have a notebook inside it. In that moment I said: “You can get everything, less the suitcase, please!” Ahhh, why did I say that? Certainly they didn’t think twice and they took the suitcase! Only it and anything else! When they find out that it had just papers inside of it, they must have been p*** off. Thanks Lord that the that the traffic started to move. Can you imagine it they decide to come back to complain? No way!

Well, after this day, I’ve never again driven with the car window opened. I just darked the windows by placing dark tint films, bought a money belt, that kind of pochete belt just for holding money, you know? Those to use under the clothes. A coworker makes fun all the time with me by saying that I’ll put a safety grid on my car window. The worst is that it can become true! Unfortunately the feeling I have is that I will never have courage again to drive with the car windows opened. Do what?

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