Filter Forge an amazing plug-in for Photoshop

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Filter Forge is a Photoshop plug-in that allows you to build your own filters and seamless textures. Filter Forge works as Photoshop plug-in or as standalone version. At Filter Forge Inc site there is a Filter Library with more than 8800 free filters/textures for downloading into your collection. These filters/textures were created by Filter Forge Inc designers and Filter Forge users.

Being a Filter Forge user, I’ve created a lot of filters/textures and sent them to the library. Here are some samples:

To check the complete list of filters/textures that I’ve sent to the Filter Forge Library click here. The 8800 filters sent by me and other members into this Library will remain for free use for a while.

The creation process of a filter/texture within Filter Forge is very easy because it is based in a node-based editor system. See below the GUI from the Editor:

Besides de filters/textures I’ve already sent to the library as mentioned before, I also created some illustrations with Filter Forge and Photoshop. Click on the thumbnail to zoom it:

hotchocolate trafficlight season

Here are some important Filter Forge features:
• A visual node-based editor;
• Works as plug-in or standalone version;
• Textures can be or not seamless. Ideal for repeating image for backgrounds and using into 3D programs as textures;
• Generates Bump and Normal Maps;
• Render HDRI Lights;
• 16 and 32-bit image modes;
• Save ‘Floating-point’ file format for high-precision as OpenEXR ou PFM extensions;
• Save images in the traditional JPG, BMP, TIF and TGA formats;
• Smart Anti-Aliasing system;
• Huge output resolutions. It was already tested by Filter Forge the absurd size of 65536×65536 pixels and worked great;
• Holds presets with different values from the same base texture;
• Randomizer;
• Favorites to add and access quickly the filters/textures you use frequently;
• Dual-core and Quad-core CPU support;
• On-line library with more than 8800 filters/textures;
• And much more!

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