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For who doesn’t know iStockphoto, it’s good to know that when you become a member, you will get do download a montly royalty-free illustration (vector/clipart) for free. Over there they call them as FIOTM – Free Illustration Of The Month. Here is the free illustration of this month kindly given by iStock member (friztin) – “Owl in a Halloween night”:

(c) 2009 - iStock member (friztin) - iStockphoto

These illustrations are given by the own members that contact the iStock administrator to offer the image to the community. The illustration stays available during a month for free downloading, so if you have missed the illustration from the last month and before last month, there is still time to download them. When you download it, the iStockphoto watermark goes away. Besides monthly illustrations it’s possible to download weekly images, montly video and montly audio. With all that freebies, you can start storing in your HD your own stock photography for future jobs/projects. If you are not an iStock member yet, check this post (get 10 free credits) at iLucato and become right now a member and take advantage of these and other freebies.

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