Rejected iStockphoto – Isolation: Delicious dog food

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Here goes another image posted in the iLucato’s site from a iStockphoto rejection series for studying. This image gets into the Isolation category.

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Here is the rejection e-mail that this image got:

iStockphoto: Notice for File #13571982: Delicious dog food

We regret to inform you that we cannot accept your submission, entitled Western wagon for addition to the iStockphoto library for the following reasons:

3rd review ++

+dog+ This image appears to be over-filtered/over-processed which has affected the image quality. This may include Photoshop filters & effects (over-sharpening, excessive adjustments to levels, curves, contrast, hues, gaussian blurs, saturation, added textures, noise reduction…) or other manipulations. We feel the image would have more value to designers with minimal or no post processing effects so that the designers could add their own post-processing effects. Some images can benefit from minor touch-ups to grab the viewer?s attention and there is no definitive line to what editing makes or breaks a great image but the end result should be a single image that can still be molded into a design. Inspectors judge images based on quality, composition and usability. If you require further explanation regarding this rejection, please submit a ticket to Scout

The execution of isolation contains stray areas that are either too feathered or rough.”


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