Rejected iStockphoto – Lightning: Corn Crop

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Here goes the first image posted in the iLucato’s site from a iStockphoto rejection series with that famous e-mail that when we see it in our in-box we just start to get nervous. :0) This image gets into the Lighting category. Click on the image on the left side to view it in its real size at 100%.

Here is the rejection e-mail that this image got:

iStockphoto: Notice for File #10659791: Corn crop

We regret to inform you that we cannot accept your submission, entitled Corn crop for addition to the iStockphoto library for the following reasons:

We found the overall composition of this file’s lighting could be improved. Technical aspects that can affect the overall quality of lighting are: flat/dull colors, blown-out highlights, harsh reflection, shadows or lens flares. These can all limit the usefulness of a file.”

Please, give your opinion about this rejection by using the tools menu below. To see the image at 100% click on the “1:1” (1) tool. Mark the area that you think that has some issue by using the draw tools such as pencil tool (B), rectangle (M), line (\), elipse tool (L), etc and place your note/comment by clicking on the Note Tool (N) and leave your comments and possible suggestions of how should I improve it or how to fix it. I mean, if you agree with the rejection. :0) If you think that the image is ok and there is no issue on it, leave your comment too. Comments not related to the image issue, please use the comment form below. Thanks for participating, I appreciate that!

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Click here to see the full image at 100%

To download the image and “save as” click here.


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  1. Fernando Fernandes BRAZIL Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Lucato! As vezes também não consigo entender os critérios adotados na iStock. Já tive um caso da mesma cena ser fotografada na orientação vertical e outra na horizontal. Uma das fotos foi aprovada e a outra rejeitada… Qual a razão já que as condições nas duas imagens são absolutamente identicas?

    • Pinguim BRAZIL PHP says:

      Olá Fernando! Bom tê-lo por aqui. Obrigado pela visita e comentário. Pois é, as vezes é meio complicado mesmo. Muitas vezes para mim algumas imagens rejeitas não causariam problema algum em uma impressão off-set e muito menos para web. Quanto ao seu caso creio que as imagens devam ter caído em inspetores diferentes. Mesmo que envie as imagens em lote, não são direcionadas por igual ao mesmo inspetor, então pode ter ocorrido da vertical ter ido para um inspetor enquanto a horizontal foi para outro inspetor.

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