BemDoado Logotype and its creation defense

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Today I’m going to comment with you all a logotype I’ve created for BemDoado and its creation defense.

The name BemDoado can be translated as two meanings: Well Donated/Good Donated and  its slogan is “Because donating is a two ways hand”. The logotype in sum represents two hands, two individuals, a donated good and received, a gratitude and a change of favors. From a top view, the left hand in black color means a hand from the donator, in other words, an individual giving a good. Who donates does a good action and delivery a good. Therefore, Well/Good (Bem) in black color is shown as a stronger side in BemDoado. The donor and the good donated are represented by the half gray circumference in the left which also makes reference to whom donated and what was Donated, represented as gray in BemDoado. Now, the gray hand in the right side represents who receives the donation (the recipient). Who receives, receives the donation with an open hand (Seen from top view), besides that, the receiver is very thankful when receiving it and thanks through a thumbs-up hand sign (seen from a front view). Who receives the donation and the received Good are represented by the half black circumference on the right side that also is related to the black color in BemDoado text . Below the two hands there are two arrows appearing in opposed directions giving the the idea of change of favors and it makes reference to the slogan: “Because donating is a two ways hand”.

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