What is IPTC data and its importance in microstock sites and your HD – Huge time saver.

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Hi folks! Today I am going to pass a tip very important about IPTC for those who uses microstock sites and/or want to have their images easy to be find in your hard disk.

In the beginning of my life as microstocker I was unaware of such functionality and if I had known this before, Oh would be a huge save time that and I would have won a lot of time isntead of fillinig those image forms all over into microstock sites, as well as find my pictures on my computer!

What is IPTC?
Well, the IPTC data is like a group of information that is embedded into your image files becoming part of your file which is used by Adobe, Microsoft, Corel, and etc. This information may be image title, description, keywords, author, copyright, GPS coordinates, and many others. Now a days many software can read and change this information or there are specific programs for such task which I will mention later. People use to call IPTC also as Image Metadata. There are other ways to insert the data in the images that I will mention later. There are programs which do not use metadata or IPTC as default, I mean, they use their own database in their own software. Run away from this if you want to maintain the standards for microstock sites and between programs. Always use the IPTC data!

For using into microstock sites and find images into your HD what will matter to fill are the following fields:

– Author;
– Title;
– Description;
– Keywords.

Other data is at your discretion if you want to have a more complete database on each image or really wants to save your time just using the necessary.

What is the importance of the IPTC use in microstock sites and HD?
If you are not an exclusive member at any  microsite and you are sending your images to multiple sites, by using the IPTC will save you a lot of time because the microstock sites now a days get manage and read some IPTC fields, therefore, you will not need to repopulate for every single image uploaded the title, description, and keywords for the other sites. Unfortunately the categories are not yet interpreted by sites and you will have to manually enter them on the micrsites that require to categorize images, but the IPTC use is huge time saving! Have you ever imagined having to type it all over again for each image? No way! Besides using the IPTC data in microstock sites, you can use keywords to find the picture on your computer HD.

How to insert data into IPTC data of an image?
Most image editors allow the insertion of IPTC data as Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Corel, and etc. After treating your image in Photoshop or any other editor, I recommend insert such data right away. Taking as example the Photoshop CS5, to add the data just go on File menu > File info … (CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-I) and click on the IPTC tab. In this tab I particularly fill the following fields: Creator (in IPTC contact), Headline, Description, Keywords (IPTC content), Title (in IPTC Status) repeating what is in Headline. When finished click OK and save your file. There you go! Another software that can help you to edit IPTC data on images already saved are: XnView, Exif Pilot ou ExifToolGUI.

Attention – Very important:

DO NOT save your file  for WEB in Photoshop or any other software that allow to do it, since they will lose this information once when saving for web programs try to reduce to the maximum number of kbytes, and such data is deleted from the file. Always confirm that the IPTC data remained in the saved image when using other programs for the first time.

How  to search forn image into the HD with the IPTC data?
Once you have already added the IPTC data into your image and by using PC, just go to your image folder into Windows Explorer and on the right top there is the search field (with a loupe icon) and type the keyword your are looking for and Windows Explorer wil filter and bring the results on for the images that contains the searched keyword (if added in the IPTC). You can use the * to replace some unknow letters or words in the word you are looking for. For example if you want to find the keywoword of file names which contains the word metal, use *metal*, so, it will bringresults such as metal, metalplate, metalmania.jpg, and etc. I didn’t mention Mac because I don’town one. So, I’m sorry Mac users. Anyway, Apple or Apples stores, feel free to donate one through BemDoado.com.br

Well, I hope this can help you a little more about IPTC. If if you have another doubt feel free to leave a comment, if I get to help you  I’ll do it or try to use Google to search for further info. ;0)


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