What is iStockphoto?

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For who doesn’t know iStockphoto yet, it’s world leader in images royalty-free. In other words, it is an on-line royalty-free image bank most accessed in the world. Actually iStock is not only about images, and over there exists more than 4 million images, vectorial illustrations, illustrations 3D, audio files, flash and video files.

A lot of advertising agencies, design offices, bloggers, webdesigners, companies and students around the world use iStockphoto in its campaings, projects, jobs, presentations, and so on. If you want to get 10 iStockphoto credits for free to download some file from iStockphoto, read this other article.

The iStockphoto allows photographers, illustrators, videomakers, audiomakers, from professionals to amateurs, sell their works through a portfolio inside the iStock site. See my portfolio at iStock as an example by clicking here.

It is worthwhile to be an iStock member, as much as a customer or as a contributor.



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My most recent stock images on Dreamstime.

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  1. cleide torres BRAZIL Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Olá !!! gostei muito do seu blog, gostaria muito de receber os créditos

    • Olá Cleide, obrigado.
      Em alguns minutos o código e mais informações estarão em um e-mail em sua caixa de entrada.
      Feliz Páscoa.

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