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A lot of people nowadays don’t know about the usefulness of RSS Feeds and they’re very useful in my opinion. For a short explanation, in the case of iLucato site, the RSS feeds are used for you follow the latest articles posted here without needing to visit the site. Whenever a new article is published at iLucato and if you have signed the RSS feed, you will immediately be able to read a short version of the article in your feed reader with the link to the full version of the article, if the article interests you, just hit on the link to visit the site for reading the whole article. Nowadays there is no need for additional software to read these feeds because the browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Windows Internet Explorer, Operates, Safari or even e-mail managers like Microsoft Outlook come already with the RSS feed reader, but if you prefers, you can use a separated software for it. One option would be the RSSOwl. When signing a feed you can opt to read it in one of these programs or in both.  Sign it for free now and stay tunned with iLucato site. This feature is not an exclusiveness of iLucato site. Any other site can supply this possibility to sign a RSS feed and you will get to know about their new articles too, new products in a store, new messages posted into a forum and others. It all depends on how each site has set its RSS feed. A lot of times a single site can have several RSS feeds. One for each thing, as mentioned: articles, products, promotions, forums and so on.

Now getting a little deeper into the subject, the abbreviation of RSS is used with reference to the following standards:
– Rich Site Summary (RSS 0.91);
– RDF Site Summary (RSS 0.9 e 1.0);
– Really Simple Syndication (RSS 2.0).

The RSS feed is very used by the blog community and other kind of sites. Nowadays there are plugins to capture the RSS feed from another site to post into a site, mostly known as ” Reblog”. RSS is very used lately for continuous publication of contents as marketing, propaganda, bug-reports and any other kind of activity that involves constant updating of information. Nowadays it became common to find this RSS feed icon in big websites as well as in the small ones, but a lot of people still didn’t adhere to sign these feeds for a lack of knowledge of its purpose.

Each site administrator can set the RSS feed as they wish, so some RSS feed you will receive may contain info such as titles, image, link to the full article, description, date, author, and etc. Frequently the RSS feed is updated showing the recent updates. RSS is a globally standardized format in the XML Language (Extensible Markup Language).

Well folks, that is it, now it is just sign the iLucato RSS feed to keep up-to-date with the articles posted here.

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