What does royalty-free mean?

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Hi folks, do not confuse Royalty-free with FREE, I mean, for example if an image is Royalty-free, it doesn’t meant that the image is FREE. Royalty-free is a kind of contract between two parts, the licensor and licensee where it’s specified the license rights for the use of the content/image. Once the content is licensed under the term Royaltie-Free, that means it will be licenced under a serie of guidelines and the licensee is normally free to use it in perpetuity without paying additional royalty charges. Always you may have to read your RF license completely to make sure where and the way you can use your acquired content.

In other words, once the licensed content under the term Royalty Free, it means that it will be licensed under a series of orientations on what can done or not with the acquired content and where and how you can use it. Usually the licensee is free to use it in perpetuity without paying additional royalties. Always you should read the Royaltie-free license entirely to sort out how you can use the acquired content. Usually the RF license of stock image sites allows the limitless use of an image in any half defined in the Royalty-free license terms, license this that is the opposite of the right-managed license, where the image under controlled rights needs a specific license affirming the audience, the time of use, media type that the image will be published,  etc. Right-managed license is more onerous than the Royaltie-free because it has larger control over the use and others.

The Royaltie-Free images nowadays are acquired by unit in large scale through as iStockphoto or as collections stored in a CD. This way there is no need to pick up the chrome, have to scan it later, and so on. It’s all in the digital format for fast access and use. However, once there is no control of rights as in the case of the Right-managed license, the buyer should be aware that, eventually, other people, and also your competitors, can use the same image for a similar use. In other words, you can take the risk of creating a job using an image and another company creates another job using the same image as mere coincidence.

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