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Taking advantage of my nostalgic phase, today I will tell you something funny that happened with me during a weekend trip to Maresias. Well, at least all the times I tell somebody else this history, it’s a reason of a lot of laughters and I like to make people laugh. On a regular weekend I traveled with a friend of mine to Maresias and particularly I wasn’t in a good mood and I was a little bit sad, but nothing special had happened to stay this way. I know that my friend did everything to turn my weekend very pleasant and she got it. Saturday was wonderful, we spent the whole day at the beach until the sunset. After a beach tennis game play, I mean, after trying to play it, we decided to get into the sea and my friend said: “Patilene, let’s get into the sea. Take advantage of the moment and ask to Iemanjá to disappear with all the bad stuffs. Think about everything that bothers you and ask to Iemanjá to take it all away!” I agreed and we got into the sea. While she was swimming as a dolphin, floating like a boat, and diving like a Grebe, I was there asking Iemanjá to take away everything that was bothering me and was bad for me. Suddenly, when I got back to myself, I noticed that I was inside a whirlpool drowning in a ridiculous hole, and the worst, I was on the edge of the beach. Guys, I left the water by crawling and I crawled until get to the margin. I told my friend: “Wow! I almost died! ” and told her what had happened, that I was asking to Iemanjá to take away all the bad stuffs and so on. I told it seriously, after all I was very scared, I almost died. She burst out laughing and said: “Next time, you need to ask right Patilene. Tell Iemanjá just to take away the bad energies and negative fluids and not you!” What a thing, nope? Maybe I was so bad that Iemanjá thought I had no more fix. No way! It’s better to follow my friend’s advice and begin to ask stuffs right!

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