Jigsaw puzzle plug-in – AV Bros releases new version

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AV Bros released recently the amazing plug-in Puzzle Pro 3.0 for Photoshop which also works with other image editor applications that supports plugins (8bf) such as Corel Photopaint, Corel Paint Shop Pro (Formerly Jasc Paint Shop Pro), ACD Systems Canvas Professional (formerly Deneba Canvas), Ulead Photoimpact, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Image Ready, Adobe Photoshop Elements, etc.


Puzzle Pro 3.0 is addressed for all type of artis obtaining incredible results for web as well for press (printed media). Webdesigners, designers and graphic artists will be fascinated with the possibilities of the jigsaw puzzles effect that this plug-in can achieve and accomplish. It’s breath taking.  It is a must-have tool for both Professionals and Hobbyists and I’m sure that you will not only be happy with the achieved results, but you will also say: “I really enjoy using this plug-in!”


You will find several possibilities of pieces edition, shapes edition of pieces (knives), effects on each piece, and so on. Av Bros added a great number of new features in the newest version of this plug-in for Photoshop and some of them are really revolutionary! See below an example of the edition of plug pieces (the knives) shapes where they are all dolphins:

Puzzle Pro 3 - Dolphin

Amazing isn’t it? AV Bros. Puzzle Pro was recognized as the best plug-in for puzzle effect creation in the market and have already earned a lot of awards. You can visit a gallery with samples at Av. Bros site to see somethings you can accomplish by using AV Bros. Puzzle Pro 3.0. Visit here the AV. Bros galleries.

For downloading the DEMO version of AV Bros. Puzzle Pro 3.0, click here.

For purchasing the AV Bros. Puzzle Pro 3.0, click here.

Várias possibilidades de edição das peças, edição dos formatos de encaixes, efeitos sobre cada peça, etc. A Av Bros adicionou um grande número de novas características na versão mais nova deste plug-in para Photoshop e algumas delas são realmente revolucionárias!

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