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(c) Lev Mel (Daft_Lion_Studio) - Adapted by LucatoWhenever an image is rejected by an iStockphoto inspector and you as contributor doesn’t agree with that, there is the possibility of requesting a file revaluation from Scout . Before sending a Scout revaluation request, the ideal thing to do first is to ask the community a help through the forum Critique Request, this way the community can point you severe defects in your image if you had not noticed previously and it avoids to take your time sending the request to Scout, avoid you getting nervous because the feedback takes too long once Scout has thousands of revaluation requests. ;0)

In case you opt for using the forum “Critique Request.”…

– Be polite;
– Post a link to your hosted full image with a watermark on it. The full size version is the only way to perform an accurate assessment;
– Start your thread title with PHOTO:, VECTOR:, VIDEO:, FLASH:, or 3D:, so the right people know what it is about.

– Don’t Rant;
– Dont post examples of other approved files/people’s work for comparison;
– Don’t take things personally or make personalized comments (Leave your ego at door)

Before using this forum don’t forget to read this first that has valuable information before posting there. Some contributors just discard all this steps and just move on by taking new shoots and treating new images.

I solved to open a category here at iLucato to post all my images that were rejected at iStockphoto, as it happens at “Critique Request” forum, the iStockphoto community and other visitors can leave here your opinion about the rejected image and suggestion of what and how it can be improved. Besides that, in the future I intend to post some articles about image treatment tips and other tricks to help us all in this tough task of passing through our inspectors that are more and more demanding. :0)

Visit this category iStockphoto rejections and its sub-categories and see the series that are coming. I hope I hadn’t rejection series coming. :o)

Participate with you opinions on the rejected images by leaving you comments and suggestions. Thanks. ;0)

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