How to remove the welcome screen from Photoshop Elements 7.0?

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When starting Photoshop Elements 7.0, it opens by default the Welcome Screen. This screen is useful to call another tasks, but a lot of users prefer to start the editor directly. Unfortunately in the version 7.0 the Adobe programmers didn’t make available  an option in the preferences to jump this Welcome Screen to go right away to the editor/organizer, so there is a tip of how to make to remove this Welcome Screen from Photoshop Elements 7.0 and starts it directly in the editor or the organizer. As you prefer.

This tip will require some registry modification like change values, or add new values, and if you made one mistake on windows registry your computer may not  functional as it was before. So, it is a good idea to back up windows registry first before doing any changes just in case something bad happened. From the registry Editor window go to File > Export menu and save the file in your hard drive. ;0)

Now, let’s edit the registry and the key that controls the Welcome Screen for Photoshop Elements 7.0:

1. Go to START/RUN… and type REGEDIT and press ENTER or click OK;
2. In the root on the left side, find the folder: HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Adobe/Photoshop Elements/7.0/common/settings/
3. Inside this folder, on the right side, there is the key STARTUP_APP, click twice on it to change its value. The default value is 2.
4. These are the 3 possible values to change:

0 – Start in the Organizer
1 – Start in the Editor
2 – Start in the Welcome Screen

5. Now type the new value and click OK.

There you go! Close the REGEDIT window and restart the Photoshop Elements 7.0. Now it will starts directly in the option you have chosen. ;0)

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