Solving HOTWord and xLanguage conflict in WordPress

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Hi folks. When installing the xLanguage plugin for WordPress and after that the plugin HOTWords, I got a conflict between them. The iLucato site is built in two languages, English and Portuguese-BR. So, I use the xLanguage plugin to create the article in both languages, than in one post I type the two language texts, mark each one for each language and the xLanguage plugin handle to show the right text in the selected site language. When installing the HOTWords plugin, it wasn’t compatible with xLanguage and was generating a conflict where xLanguage was showing the article in both languages instead of showing only the text for the selected language. I had to turn off the HOTWords plug in otherwise a single article was showing both languages. Today I was doing some tests and got to find out the solution to fix the problem.

To share with you all, and if somebody else has the same issue with this conflict with HOTWords and xLanguage, here is the tip to fix this issue:

In the xLanguage options instead of checking the option XHTML in the PARSER that is the default one, use/check the option ‘Square Bracket, then XHTML if no square bracket tag were found’. So, inside the article instead of using the tags <span…> </span> you’re going to use the braket with [lang_…][/lang_…]. There you go! This way HOTWords works ok with xLanguage.

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