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O que é iStockphoto?|What is iStockphoto?

What is iStockphoto?

For who doesn’t know iStockphoto yet, it’s world leader in images royalty-free. In other words, it is an on-line royalty-free image bank most accessed in the world. Actually iStock is not only about images, and over there exists more than 4 million images, vectorial illustrations, illustrations 3D, audio files, flash and video files. A lot […]

Retire a marca d'água das imagens do iStockphoto|Remove the iStockphoto watermark from iStock images

Remove the iStockphoto watermark from iStock images

If you intend to remove the watermark from an iStock image withouth buying it to use in sites, prints, and so on; you will be infringing the law and will be putting yourself in risk and putting also your customer just because of few dollars. The images at iStockphoto are very cheap. What about download […]