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iStockphoto cancela venda de logotipos|iStockphoto cancels selling logo designs.

iStockphoto cancels selling logo designs.

Hi folks, in 2009 was announced that iStockphoto was going to sell logo designs in its collection. Nowadays the vector files/images bought from iStock can’t be used in any logo or trademark (according to the licence restrictions). Customers would buy a unique logotype to use in their business/organization/company. Some decisions taken by iStock, and due […]

O que é RSS Feed? | What is RSS Feed?

What is RSS Feed?

A lot of people nowadays don’t know about the usefulness of RSS Feeds and they’re very useful in my opinion. For a short explanation, in the case of iLucato site, the RSS feeds are used for you follow the latest articles posted here without needing to visit the site. Whenever a new article is published […]